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When Eastern Medicine Meets Western Addictions: How Holistic Drug Treatment Can Help

The Western world typically uses innovative science, depending on medications and research to find the best strategies for drug addiction recovery processes. Brand new procedures and inventions don’t always count toward better rehabilitation, however, because these elements haven’t been practiced over many years.

Eastern medicine, however, is a practice founded hundreds of years ago. It doesn’t consist of complex medicines and surgical tools, but centers on natural healing processes. Herbs, acupuncture and meditation are all part of Eastern medicine to help individuals with whole-body wellness. These concepts apply to substance dependence recovery at specialized drug addiction centers. Consider how holistic drug treatment can help you find your way back to sobriety.

Why Many Believe in the Power of Eastern Medicine

You don’t have to travel to Asia to understand the importance and efficacy of Eastern medicine. There are many highly trained individuals and facilities that truly believe in the power of whole-body wellness. College courses and trade schools often tout the importance of understanding how the environment and human body interact as one. Taking illicit drugs breaks down the body in several negative ways. Eastern medicine can turn your health around when you commit to a program.

When you visit doctors, they usually concentrate on your ailment, such as a broken finger. Even traditional drug addiction centers still use this concept to begin treatment. Eastern medicine, however, takes another approach to your problems. Its physicians will definitely examine your main complaint, such as heroin addiction, but holistic professionals also examine the entire body with just as much fervor. All body parts are intricately connected in several ways, so professionals must find those intersections and create a unique wellness program to fit them.

You aren’t an isolated being moving throughout the world, because external stressors affect you each day. Holistic drug addiction centers work with you to understand all of your conflicts. A stressful household with a mother-in-law, wife and three children could be causing you to turn to drug use, for example. You might just be trying to escape responsibility with illicit substances. In these cases, your drug treatment program could entail a household overhaul with more responsibilities spread out across all residents’ lives to significantly reduce your stress. Eastern medicine is based on the concept that treating all life influences will make your sobriety much easier to commit to each day.

A major reason people believe in Eastern medicine so deeply is logical medical steps. Western medicine is usually concerned with treating the symptoms rather than the causal factors. Doctors could hand out painkillers to reduce patient complaints, but the cause is never found. Eastern medicine professionals strive to find a diagnosis for a problem before searching for a solution. Professionals try to discover your reason for drinking or taking drugs, such as previous abuse from a parent. Dealing with this serious issue will help you combat the addictive behaviors that resulted from that experience.

Another stark difference between Western and Eastern medicine is the reason for doctor visits. Most Western medical fields stress visiting the doctor when you’re ill. Eastern medicine is focused on visiting with patients when they’re both ill and well. Holistic drug treatment centers operate with this same concept. Commit to the program when you’re ill with addiction, but visit often to shore up your sobriety even when times are going well. Professionals want to see you whether you’re well or ill to determine sobriety strength while passing on this achievement to other struggling recovery participants.

How Addiction Is Approached in Holistic Drug Treatment

There are several similarities between Western and Eastern drug treatment processes, but the differences are very obvious. Western medicine tends to push medications and fast-paced lifestyles, whereas Eastern concepts want you to look inward on a daily basis and contemplate life on a higher level.

Holistic addiction treatment is approached initially with a detoxification procedure. However, there’s usually no synthetic medications added to the treatment to numb pain or alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Eastern medicine professionals rely on herbs and other natural elements to curb cravings and other symptoms during withdrawal. Using hundreds of years of experience, holistic professionals try to keep detoxing patients as comfortable as possible without resorting to more drugs in the system. Keeping the body as clean as possible is the main goal during holistic procedures.

Private and group sessions occur after detox, allowing you to talk about your issues and create solutions to everyday stressors. This therapy concept is the same for both Western and Eastern medicines, but there are stark differences between the two, as family is brought into the process. Your family will be visited by holistic professionals. They’ll work with everyone in the household to help them understand your predicament. You may even be invited to sit in on the meeting. This family appointment takes the whole-body concept up a level to include whole-family care. Your loved ones are a huge part of recovery, so they should be given as many rehabilitation details as possible.

Drug addiction is a difficult strain on the body, and most users don’t get enough exercise to be healthy at all. Eastern medicine recognizes the importance of exercise. When you move the body and strain it just slightly, hormones are released. Additionally referred to as endorphins, these hormones give you a feel-good high from a natural source. Although endorphins can never replace the desired high of a particular drug, they can provide a distraction from any temptations. Holistic professionals will suggest simple exercises, such as yoga or Tai chi. You don’t have to be in shape to participate in these exercises. Try them out in a class to see which one suits your style.

Your holistic recovery also includes meditation. This practice is to benefit the mind. Daily routines and responsibilities can be overwhelming for the average person. When you’re struggling with sobriety, responsibilities can feel even more daunting. Holistic professionals will guide you through meditation, so you can use this art to mentally escape from the world when you need a break. Try to meditate once a day to see its calming effects. Eastern medicine has improved the lives of millions over the years, and it always includes frequent meditation.

How to Determine if Holistic Drug Therapy Is the Right Course of Treatment

With so many treatment types available across the nation, you might be confused about which one to select. Because it’s a relatively foreign concept, Eastern medicine might not be your first choice. However, it’s important to weigh all of your options before selecting a program. What seems unfamiliar now could be the best process to find and secure a sober lifestyle.

If you aren’t responding to traditional Western medical treatment for your drug addiction, it might be time to try a holistic approach. You might have relapsed or participated in several treatment programs before, but achieved no long-term sobriety. If that’s the case, you have nothing to lose if you try the alternative holistic processes. You could find a brand new hobby, at the very least, by participating in yoga or meditation during treatment, for example.

The right course of treatment could be holistic medicine if you suffer from dual diagnosis. This specialized drug dependence is coupled with a mental disorder, such as schizophrenia. Traditional addiction programs may not be as effective with dual diagnosis as holistic types because they center on one cause and solution. Holistic treatment looks at the dual diagnosis and all external factors to create a distinct program that puts you first. All of your stressors and causal factors must be dealt with equally to find strong sobriety in the future.

You may be immersed in private and group therapy sessions, but activity levels are otherwise nonexistent. It’s not healthy to only work on your mind’s health when your body needs just as much stimulation and care. Holistic care also includes an exercise factor. You don’t necessarily have to try Eastern exercises, because even simple walking will get your blood flowing. You want to train your body to crave healthy things, from fruits to an extra lap around the track. As your mind and body become stronger, you can face addiction temptation with almost no problems.

A major part of holistic care is visualization. Eastern medicine professionals believe strongly in visualization as a form of therapy. Western treatment programs don’t normally incorporate this component, making it possible for your treatment to take longer as you try less effective strategies to reach sobriety. Holistic visualization can involve a professional guiding you through a mental exercise. You might close your eyes and visualize a scenario described by the professional, for instance. At a later date, you could take yourself on a visual adventure alone as you gain more sober experience. These visualizations allow you to take control of your mind and guide it as necessary. When temptations arise, you can refer back to that controlled visualization and avoid any relapse.

How to Locate Holistic Therapy Centers

Locating Eastern medicine treatment centers does take some effort because this concept isn’t as widespread as Western medicinal strategies. If you’re committed to finding these facilities, however, there are certain resources to consult for the best treatment selections. Always visit a few different facilities before committing to one program. You want your sober journey to be positive and successful.

For practical purposes, contact your health insurance first for any references. Your insurance provider may have a few different facilities it works with on a regular basis. Be sure to mention Eastern medicine or holistic care. This request can narrow down the choices and make your research much more streamlined. Using your insurance is also clever, as you may have a more discounted price with approved treatment centers. In addition, these centers are already evaluated for their efficacy with previous patients.

If you’re aware of a Western medicine treatment center nearby, visit it one day and speak to admissions. Although you may not wish to work with these particular professionals, the addiction treatment industry is a close-knit community. They often have contacts within the industry to provide you with several references. Be as clear as possible about your addiction problems and desired treatment program. These addiction experts can likely forward you to professional holistic centers for preferred care.

In today’s digitally driven world, the Internet provides you with another valuable resource to find quality holistic treatment. Search for either holistic or Eastern medicine facilities. Your search engine should narrow down the selections to local entities. Make a list of these locations and look up individual reviews. You want a good look at their treatment programs from patients’ perspectives. Use the most popular review websites to find testimonials. Read through both positive and negative comments to get a well-rounded view of available services. A treatment center you were excited about may not be the perfect place after reading some reviews. Visit a few facilities before making a choice based on your perspective and those detailed online reviews.

When you’re still unsure about your chosen treatment facility, word-of-mouth is always a good indicator of a favorable facility. Attend a recovery meeting nearby and talk to some of the participants afterward. Ask them about their experiences, including both the positive and negative aspects. They may even be able to get you a tour of their particular facility to see various rooms, such as the private sleeping quarters. You want as much information as possible about your future treatment facility so you can be comfortable while finding sobriety.

Make wellness part of your drug recovery plan by contacting the hotline at 844-806-6511. Holistic drug treatment is an alternative to the widespread medically centered facilities across the nation. You may find mental and physical serenity with wellness therapy while achieving sobriety on a daily basis. Allow your new outlook on life to inspire you to greater achievements than relying on a substance for escapism.

Our articles are written by individuals who have seen addiction up close. They may have watched addiction take a toll on someone they loved or had their own battles with substances, and they write for us to spare others some of that pain and confusion. If you find these writings useful and would like to speak to someone who gets addiction, call us at (844) 826-1700.

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