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How Much Does Alcohol Treatment Cost?

With the need for alcohol treatment everywhere, there are many treatment centers where those with alcohol addiction problems can seek help. Unfortunately, there is no set cost for alcohol treatment. The cost of alcohol rehab varies depending not only on the state or region you are in, but also on the type of facility. Some are very clinical while others are quite luxurious like a spa resort. Another factor that can affect the cost of alcohol treatment is whether you choose outpatient care (the less expensive option) or inpatient residential care (the more expensive choice). Additionally, how long you remain in treatment will affect the cost as well.

There are a variety of alcohol treatment programs that exist to help those who struggle with alcoholism. It all depends on the individual. What you will find is that initially, alcohol treatment will involve an evaluation, often an intervention, counseling sessions, and possibly a residential inpatient stay. You will also need to go through a period of detox.

The first assessment for the patient, including and examination and a consultation along with some other tests may run in the ballpark of $100. For individual sessions, you will receive personal counseling and if there are family related issues, the cost per session is also around $100. If you ask your treatment center, you will sometimes find that if you commit to several sessions you can get a discount of about twenty percent.

If you are looking for a family treatment program, there are those that are designed to help entirely families with alcohol related issues. Each session runs about $120, give or take – depending on the facility and region where you live. As far as after care, you will want to keep seeking outpatient care to avoid a relapse and keep in touch with a support group. Each of these sessions will be up to $50.

On average, for intensive residential alcohol rehab you are looking at anywhere from $8,000-$12,000.

Some medications in alcohol rehab will also cost you some money. There are injectable drugs to treat alcohol dependence such as Vivitrol which will be administered by a health care professional. This medication helps to decrease the urge to drink by blocking neurotransmitters that go to the brain. It does not however help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The cost of Vivitrol medication is typically around $700 for just one injection.

As you can see, cost of alcohol treatment varies. If you have a relapse, some programs will help you at least somewhat for free or a lower cost. Keep in mind that your health insurance may help you to cover the cost of the programs.

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