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How much does alcohol detox cost if I have a insurance?

If you are having worry about coming up with money to pay for alcohol detox – you are among many others with the same problem. In almost all cases, this is simply just part of the process and nailing down all of the details before heading to treatment. It can seem hopeless if you do not have a lot of money and being right in the middle of a severe problem such as an alcohol addiction just seems to make it all even more difficult. So if you are asking, “How much does alcohol detox cost if I have insurance?”, stop and be thankful that you have insurance to help you. Alcohol detox costs a lot, mainly due to to the fact that it is quite effective and you will be treated by addiction experts in a medically supervised setting. You are more likely to get to the end result of recovery if you attend a detox and alcohol treatment program, making it truly worth the cost.

One important thing to note is whatever your out of pocket costs are after insurance pays for alcohol detox may not be the same as what another person may have to pay. These type of out of pocket expenses will be different based on what particular health insurance policy you have. It is also very common to have different levels of insurance coverage for alcohol detox depending  on whether you have a PPO or an HMO and/or if you participate in a program such as Medicare, or Medicaid. Also, you will likely be required to pay out of pocket for a copayment which will ultimately be determined by your insurance policy and level of coverage. If not a copay plan, then you could be asked to pay a percentage of the cost of alcohol detox. This percentage may also vary depending on if you choose an alcohol detox facility that is “in network” or “out of network” according to your insurance company.

To find out how much alcohol detox costs if you have insurance, you can contact the alcohol treatment center you plan on going to and ask them to verify your insurance coverage amount. This makes the process much more simple, because you will know up front what you will be responsible for paying and there will be no surprises. You also have the option of contacting your insurance company directly and finding out your level of coverage for alcohol detox. You should also be able to find out which alcohol detox centers participate in your network so you can maximize your coverage.

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