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How Long Does Unicare Insurance Cover Opiate Detox In Alabama?

Unicare is one of many insurance companies that offer assorted medical coverage plans. If you have Unciare as your insurance, the coverage you have may even cover the cost of opiate detox in the state of Alabama. If you have Unicare and are addicted to opiates, you may wonder if your insurance can help you get help from an addiction. If you are not sure whether Unicare would cover the cost of a detox and visit to a rehab facility, it is best to give the insurance company a call. The phone number for Unicare is readily available on the insurance card with your name on it. There are representatives who work for the insurance company and answer the phone when you need their help or have questions for them. When you call the insurance company, you can ask the representative about what your insurance plan entails. The representative will be happy to help you and answer the questions that you have without judging you.

One of the main questions that you may want to ask after finding out if Unicare does cover opiate detox is to ask how long Unicare is willing to cover the detox. For the most part, the insurance company would be willing to cover all or part of the cost for the necessary amount of days that you stay at the rehab center. Most people spend between 30-60 days at a drug rehabilitation center where they go through the detox, counseling, and take part in activities to help recover. The reason people tend to stay for a month or two is to make sure that they are completely off of the drugs and ready to return to the real world. Knowing how long your stay will be covered is important, especially if you are unable to afford the cost of a detox and rehab stay on your own.

There are lots of questions you may have about your detox and what will be covered by Unicare. You can speak with a representative of Unicare or contact someone from a rehabilitation center of your choice that does accept this insurance. You may want to know what types of services are offered, along with how the process of inpatient drug treatment will go. You should never feel ashamed to ask these questions to find out more about what is available to you, especially if it means getting the help that you deserve and need.

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