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Do New Jersey Rehabs Take United Health Care Insurance?

If you are online searching for rehabs in New Jersey, you are probably in a tough situation right now and are grasping for all of the information you need. For those of you who are members of United Health Care, it is important to find out about your insurance coverage as it pertains to substance abuse treatment. We are asked all of the time, “Do New Jersey rehabs take United Health Care Insurance?” because many employers offer United Health Care as its insurance provider. Here is what we know about using United Health Care Insurance for New Jersey rehabs.

First, United Health Care provides behavioral health services to its members. This does provide coverage for substance abuse treatment and other mental health care. However, because there are so many different types of United Health Care plans, the coverage you have for New Jersey rehabs may be different that someone else. There are a lot of factors to consider. Do you have a United Health Care PPO, HMO, or some other type of plan? This will affect the level of coverage you have for substance abuse treatment at New Jersey rehabs.

The best thing to do to find out which New Jersey rehabs take United Health Care insurance would be to contact United Health Care for the details of your medical insurance plan. They may be able to give you a comprehensive list of provider facilities, include rehabs and treatment centers in New Jersey, which accept your form of insurance. Keep in mind however, that the price of one rehab in New Jersey may be higher than another. If you are really looking to keep your out of pocket expenses for addiction treatment as low as possible, you should contact more than one of those provider facilities to find out how much coverage you will receive through their particular rehab treatment center in New Jersey.

Some rehabs in New Jersey have different types of addiction treatment methods and programs, so the cost may vary for those as well. Some treatment centers in NJ are very traditional and use the 12 step treatment method as its main component, while others have customized programs that are meant for specific individuals such as working professionals, adolescents, or gender based programs. No matter what your needs are however, you will be able to find an appropriate treatment program at one or more of the rehabs in New Jersey that take United Health Care insurance.

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