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Do Alcohol Treatment Centers Accept Health Insurance?

No matter what state you live in, there is always more than one choice when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment centers. But how much do they cost and how do people pay for treatment? You may wonder if drug and alcohol treatment centers accept health insurance – and fortunately, most of them do. There are some things to navigate to get your health insurance provider to pay for alcohol treatment, but many patients have found it to be relatively easy. Here are a few things you need to know if you intend to use a private health insurance policy to pay for a stay at a drug or alcohol treatment center.

Contact Your Health Insurance Provider Directly

It is important to find out exactly what your health insurance policy will cover in terms of drug or alcohol treatment. The fact is, drug and alcohol addiction is a medical condition, and should be covered as such. What you need to know is what percentage is covered, whether or not you be responsible for a co-payment, if you have a choice in outpatient or inpatient care, how long you can stay if you are approved for inpatient services, and which treatment centers you can go to in order to maximize your health insurance benefits.

If you are having trouble finding a drug or alcohol treatment center in your area that will accept your health insurance policy, you may have better luck out of state. States like Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey and others have more choices in the available drug treatment centers you can choose from and they may accept a larger range of private health insurance compared to your home state. Additionally, it may be even better to travel out of state for your alcohol treatment for many reasons you haven’t even thought of! You will have the opportunity to be in a new environment – away from all that triggers your addiction – so you can focus solely on your treatment and getting better.

In the even you find you are having issues with getting coverage for alcohol treatment from your health insurance policy, you can seek help from a treatment center directly. Often, their counselors can help you navigate through the process of getting coverage for your stay and can even speak to your insurance company on your behalf to get your treatment program approved. Not all health insurance providers will freely pay for drug or alcohol treatment, but usually with a little bit of coaxing, your treatment at a licensed drug and alcohol rehab center can be covered – at least partially if nothing else.

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