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Are There Any Rehabs in Arizona That Will Take My Insurance?

Trying to find rehabs in Arizona that will take your insurance may seem like a challenge at first, but that all depends on what kind of insurance plan you have. Most major insurance plans are accepted at a wide variety of rehabs in Arizona, even if all of your costs are not covered, a significant portion should be. Using a medical insurance plan for rehab is the most common way to pay, so the majority of drug rehabs are very flexible and work with a lot of different insurance companies for payment of substance abuse treatment programs, whether inpatient or outpatient.

When you go to any of the rehabs in Arizona, if you will be using a medical insurance policy, there are a few steps to take before you can pack your bags and settle in. First, you can contact your insurance provider and get all the details of your health insurance coverage. You can find a list of provider locations to help you narrow down the list of rehabs in Arizona that you want to go to. This will also assist you with understanding approximately what portion of your treatment you will be responsible for and what kind of substance abuse treatment services are covered under your policy.

Rehabs in Arizona are also very willing to help you get the addiction treatment you need. When you get the list of approved provider locations from your health insurance company, you can call them and give them your insurance details. They will verify the level of coverage as it pertains to their specific treatment center and let you know how much out of pocket expenses  you will have to pay for their programs. This is because not all rehabs in Arizona cost the same amount of money. Depending on location, treatment plans, and “extras”, certain rehabs may cost quite a bit more than others.

There are a few insurance plans that do not provide any coverage for substance abuse treatment at rehabs in Arizona. If this is the case with your health insurance plan, you may be able to work out a payment arrangement or even a work/volunteering arrangement with the rehab you want to go to.  You won’t know unless you ask however, and you may have to contact more than one treatment center. But in all likelihood, you will be able to find more than enough rehabs in Arizona to choose from that take your insurance.

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