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5 Tips for Finding Drug Rehab with No Insurance

Finding drug rehab with no insurance is a lot trickier than it is if you DO have insurance. Fortunately, it can be done with some effort. The reality is that drug rehab addiction treatment is expensive. The majority of drug treatment centers cost over $2,000 each week – some cost even more than that. For a lot of the people who need drug rehab, of cost of addiction treatment if they were to have to pay cash out of their own pockets, would not end up going. For this reason, those who do have health insurance to cover drug rehab are very lucky.

For those who need the help, here are 5 tips for finding drug rehab with no insurance:

1. Realize that the majority of drug rehabs are not non-profit organizations. In other words, they exist as a business that wants to make money. On the other hand, many of the same drug rehabs are owned/operated by a person or a group of people who are in recovery themselves. They are often very understanding of a person in a tough situation and have been helped by people at some point in their lives and have learned to be generous by paying it forward to help other addicts who can’t afford drug rehab but want to get clean. Recovering addicts are usually very willing to lend a helping hand to other addicts in need. Sometimes all you have to do is ask for help and you will receive it. This can be in the form of payment arrangements or even re-paying your debt by working it off at the treatment center.

2. Some drug rehab treatment centers offer scholarships or what they call “charitable admittance” which they can later write off as a tax deduction. It is not common for drug rehabs to make these types of arrangements for addicts in need that have no way to pay due to a lack of insurance or available funds.

3. Another option for finding drug rehab with no insurance is to simply take a different route. Contact family members or friends who may be willing to help you out financially in order for you to get the treatment you need. You may be surprised at how willing people are to help you when they care about you and find out you are serious about your sobriety.

4. Another option for those in need of drug rehab with no insurance is to find out from your local county or state funded treatment programs what help you may qualify for. Many states offer free or low cost drug and alcohol rehab programs.

5. The best tip for you to find drug rehab with no insurance is to simply be persistent. Whether you have to reach out to five or fifty drug rehabs, you will more than likely find a treatment center that will help you. Don’t give up hope, as an opportunity to go to drug rehab with no insurance may present itself when you least expect it.

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