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What is Considered a Good Success Rate for a Drug Rehab?

In all honesty, especially among drug addicts, there is not much hope that a drug rehab treatment center will work or that it is very effective. It is true that many patients do relapse after they complete a treatment program or even leave the program before it is completed. In one study, there were some very interesting statistics. Success for a drug rehab was defined as a fifty percent drop in substance abuse six months after a program was completed. It was also discovered that effectiveness rates for the treatment of alcoholism were between forty to seventy percent, whereas effectiveness rates for opiate type of drugs were fifty to eighty percent. Effectiveness for cocaine users were approximately fifty to sixty percent.

These numbers may seem low to some, but there are so many patients getting help, it tends to skew what the success rates look like. Of course we would all like to see these numbers go on the rise, but addiction is very difficult to treat and not everyone gets into the right program the first time around.

However, what also must be taken into consideration is that patients do have to take responsibility for their own actions after treatment is complete. This means patients may need to keep up with taking medication regularly and attending follow-up meetings and treatments. Some studies show that less than half of addicts who had completed treatment did not do so and only about one third of them followed their aftercare program exactly as directed. Because of this irresponsibility on the part of the patient, many of them had to go through drug rehab treatment all over again within a year.

The final outcome when it comes to methods for addiction treatment is that the treatment itself is not the reason for the high number of relapses. And if you think about it, a seventy percent success rate is very good considering how difficult it is to kick such an extremely addictive habit. Remember that alcohol and drug addiction is a disease – and we should keep that in mind as for whatever reason, people tend to pass judgment against addicts as if it should just be easy to stop if they want to. There are certain lifestyle changes that must be made for treatment to work, and they are very difficult to do long term – especially if stressors or triggers are factored in. Think about other diseases – diabetes for example – no one points the finger at the doctors or treatment industry when a person fails to properly maintain their diet or use their insulin when they are supposed to.

Be sure to keep all these things in mind when choosing a drug rehab and when looking at their success rates.

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