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Individualized Drug Rehabilitation for Men

Drug rehabilitation facilities for mature men seeking sobriety offer comfort and security in a professional atmosphere. Men and women differ in many attributes, both physical and psychological. Case studies have proven that men are more susceptible to alcohol and or illicit drug abuse. In fact statistics show that men are twice as likely to become dependent on or addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It is important that these differences are recognized and the appropriate course of treatment is applied.
Recent studies indicate that men relapse after treatment more often than women. One reason addiction therapy specialists believe this happens is because men less frequently attend group counseling sessions. Another important reason is it that drug abuse effects men and women differently. Treatment approaches for men may vary from those of women to ensure that the maximum results are achieved. A trained medical staff will be prepared to help patients contend with addiction to most every drug, including but not limited to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription medications such as opiates (pain killers), barbiturates, and tranquilizers.
Treatment facilities for men offer relaxing and reassuring environments to provide comfort and stability throughout their rehabilitation experience. Once an individual assessment with a medical professional is attained, a course of routine therapy will be recommended according to the patient’s needs. Therapy may include medication to help minimize painful withdrawal symptoms if necessary and attendance of group and individual counseling sessions will most likely be required. However, most facilities will also offer physical and educational activities that are not only enjoyable but will help teach patients how to re-enter society as healthy, sober, and productive individuals.
Family support plays a crucial role in a successful recovery. Patients will most often be denied visitations for the first 2 weeks of treatment but after that initial phase, family participation will be welcomed and highly encouraged. A strong support system can often make the difference between success and failure of substance abuse recovery. It is important that this support remains available after returning home to help prevent a relapse.
A rehabilitation treatment facility for males only allows men to focus solely on their treatment and recovery without the distraction of women. This type of privacy may help to expedite the attainment of sobriety. Counseling will focus on the individual needs of men which can also accelerate the healing process and increase chances of maintaining a drug-free lifestyle.

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