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How To Find Drug Rehab Centers in Jacksonville That Take Aetna

Before receiving any drug rehab services from a health care provider, you want to make sure that the facility accepts your insurance. Fortunately, Aetna is accepted by a large network of providers throughout the country. However, it’s still wise to check in advance and find a provider in Jacksonville who accepts Aetna.

A simple online search for drug rehab centers in Jacksonville will produce a long list of results. Usually, people choose the offices that are closest to home and that meet their treatment preferences. Once you have a list of a few providers to contact, place a phone call to the front desk of each office. You can ask directly if the provider accepts Aetna. They should be able to return this information to you within a few minutes. However, this is not the end of the process. Just because an office accepts your insurance, it doesn’t mean that your visit will automatically be covered by the insurance company.

Once you find out that the provider generally accepts Aetna, you will next need to make sure that your claim is valid. Aetna does not pay for every service, and the services covered depend on the specific plan that you have with the insurance company. In order to find out if your treatment will be covered by Aetna, you will need to contact the insurer directly. Especially with drug rehabilitation centers, insurance sometimes covers only part of the services offered at the center.

The final step to making sure that your provider in Jacksonville will accept coverage for your visit is to verify the procedure for getting your visit covered. Each drug rehab center varies in how much work they will do to make sure that your claim is received by the insurance company. Some offices will submit the paperwork to your insurance company for you as long as you provide them with your account details and a copy of your insurance companies. At other offices, you are responsible for documenting your visit and collecting and submitting materials to your insurance office. Be sure to communicate with your chosen medical office to see if there’s anything you need to do to get your visit covered.

The process for setting up a relationship with a drug rehab center in Jacksonville has quite a few steps. Be sure to confirm that your treatments will be covered and take the steps necessary to pass on information to your insurance company.

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