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Why Do People Come to Florida for Pain Clinics?

The popular thing to do in Florida for the last few years was to come down and find a pain management clinic just to get a prescription for pills that a person clearly did not need nor did they have any proof of any pain to show that the prescription was necessary. Somewhere around 2008, pain clinics in Florida began popping up left and right – most with doctors who didn’t give one care in the world about what kind of prescriptions they were writing for their so-called “patients”. In Florida in particular, there weren’t many laws or regulations governing such pain clinics so people flocked to the state to get the prescriptions they wanted without any repercussions.

While it is true that some pain management clinics in Florida do legitimately service patients who really have needs for medication caused by chronic pain, many of them are making fast money and handing out pain killers like candy to children. Some “pill mills”, as Florida pain clinics are also called are able to help people in a legitimate way for those with mobility issues that interfere with their everyday life. Sometimes it can be too much of a hassle, not to mention to expensive, to go through the process of making an appointment at a doctor to get a prescription written and then having it filled at a pharmacy. This is why many people opt for chronic pain and chiropractic doctors who can provide prescriptions for controlled substances right out of their office which provides a much more convenient experience. This practice has unfortunately let to a lot of abuse however.

Lately however, the Florida laws have been cracking down on pain clinics. So many have opened up so fast that it became a cause for concern so legislators got involved and decided that pain clinics in Florida could no longer dispense prescriptions on site. They have also taken measures to ensure that felons are not allowed to work for or own these types of businesses. These new laws are meant to limit the amount of drug addicts who can easily access the pills and limit the amount of prescriptions that are written to people they shouldn’t be written to.

Because Florida is known as the “capital of prescription drug use”, the lenient laws have caused people to flock to Florida while they still can to get the prescriptions they want before the laws crack down even worse.

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