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What is The Average Length of Stay at Drug Rehab in Florida?

The average length of stay at drug rehab in Florida will vary depending on how mild or severe the addiction is to drugs. The average length of stay at drug rehab in Florida typically begins with detox for five to ten days and then leads into a drug treatment program that is significantly longer. The detox period is a necessary process to remove the drug from the person’s system. This is just the physical part of getting clean. The mental, emotional, & spiritual part of the addiction is addressed during drug rehab after detox has been completed by the addict.

The average length of stay at drug rehab in Florida begins with the admission process during which, a staff member will ask many questions about the person’s specific addiction and his or her medical needs. The length of stay can change and is somewhat dependent on what drugs the person is addicted to and how much & how long the person has been using.

The average length of stay at drug rehab in Florida is more than just a few days. This is because drug addiction treatment is a process – a healing process – which happens when the person is no longer using drugs. The recovering addict is given individual counseling, group therapy, and a lot of education about how to cope with day to day life as a newly sober person. Drug rehab helps a recovering addict to learn how to stay sober for good.

There are many changes that happen to a person in drug rehab. As they are provided with the tools to cope with normal life, the person will start to realize that life is manageable without being high. They are given knowledge which helps them to gain awareness about their addiction. Treatment programs are not all the same. Some include very therapeutic services like massage, acupuncture, and yoga, while others are strictly based on the twelve-step method. Drug rehab experiences vary widely.

The average length of stay at drug rehab in Florida will typically last from thirty to 90 days, with follow up and aftercare that can be ongoing. Aftercare or follow up care usually consists of attending twelve-step meetings as well as group counseling sessions.

The average length of stay at drug rehab in Florida is not the same for everyone, because treatment programs are somewhat individualized based on a variety of factors. Every drug treatment program is not right for every person. There are drug treatment programs for professionals, for those who want a natural holistic approach, and many others. Florida has some of the best drug rehab programs in the nation.

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