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What is Dual Diagnosis?

Person who has alcohol or else drug problem and emotional or psychiatric problem is been said to have dual diagnosis.  To recover completely, person needs a treatment for both the problems.

How Common Is the Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is common than you may imagine. According to report published by Journal of American Medical Association*:  37 % of the alcohol abusers & 53 % percent of the drug abusers have one severe mental illness. Of all the people been diagnosed as mentally ill, around 29 % abuse alcohol or drugs.

Term dual diagnosis is used interchangeably with terms co-occurring illnesses, co-morbidity, co morbid disorders, concurrent disorders, dual disorder, co-occurring disorder, and double trouble. The professional literature has been used in confusing range of terms & acronyms to explain co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis.

Individuals who knowledge dual diagnosis face a wide variety of psychosocial issues & might experience numerous interacting illnesses.

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