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What is a halfway house in New York like?

Choosing to live in a halfway house in New York provides several different options. New York is one of the most populated cities in the US with a bustling downtown area which is home to an active recovery community. A halfway house in NY won’t be in just one isolated area; in fact there are a variety of different neighborhoods which means the cost, location, and available amenities will certainly vary as well. There are some basic apartments, many old historic halfway houses and even some luxury sober living homes as well.

A halfway house in New York, just like in any other locations has a handful of rules its residents must follow starting from the time he or she moves in until it’s time to move out. Before making the decision to move in to any particular halfway house in NY, you should know exactly what to expect. This is a sample list of rules of any given halfway house in New York:

  • No drugs, alcohol, or any type of mood altering substances can be used – on or off property
  • Gambling of any kind is prohibited – on or off property
  • Profanity or vulgar language is not acceptable, whether it is directed at a particular person or not
  • Smoking tobacco is permitted, but only in specified smoking areas
  • Any visitors to the halfway house should obtain approval from the staff to be on the premises
  • Open flames such as candles and the use of incense are not allowed for safety reasons
  • Fighting or physical confrontation is permitted at any time for any reason
  • Any residents of a halfway house in NY must clean up after themselves, do their own laundry, and complete a regular schedule of chores
  • All residents of a halfway house in New York are required to remain employed at all times
  • Residents of halfway houses in NY must attend regular 12 step meetings or go to regular counseling sessions for substance abuse
  • Any residents of a halfway house in New York will turn off lights if not in use and help to conserve water
  • Residents need to keep their personal areas tidy & make up their own beds each day prior to leaving for the day
  • Residents will be required to stick to a curfew, usually by 11:00 pm, any day of the week unless prior written approval has been obtained when that time interferes with a person’s work schedule

It is important to find a halfway house in New York in which you will feel comfortable living there, as it will be your home for a given time. The rules must be followed or you will be required to leave. All in all however, a halfway house in NY is a great option to help you transition back into a daily routine after your addiction treatment program has been completed.

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