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Top 5 Areas for Drug Treatment in America

No matter which state you live in within the US, you will likely find a drug treatment center within your reach. There may even be some really good ones to choose from with excellent staff members and credentials. In all reality though, there are a handful of places that are considered to be the best in terms of seeking drug treatment that many people travel long distances to go to. These include Florida, California, New Jersey, Texas, and Arizona. What makes these states so great for drug treatment?


One of the greatest things about going to drug treatment in a state like California or Florida is the tropical scenery and lovely year-round weather. It may seem like one of the last things a person should consider when seeking drug treatment but that is quite the contrary. The drug treatment facilities in these states are highly sought after because the recovery process can actually be a lot easier when you are doing it in a place that feels like paradise outside. Other states that are in the top five have their own beautiful settings as well, whether it is mountains, beautiful sunsets in the desert, or a beach where you can dig your feet in the sand and forget about your worries – even if only for a few minutes.

More Choices

The top 5 areas for drug treatment have many more choices in drug rehab facilities than other states. There are literally hundreds of drug treatment centers to choose from in these states. Some are very luxurious and feel like a spa vacation in between treatment sessions as they offer amenities such as massage, acupuncture, and private suites. You also have many choices in the types of treatment. Some of the centers operate on the twelve step method while others have a more holistic, natural approach to curing an addiction. No matter which treatment you choose, you will find a suitable drug treatment facility in one of these states.

Health Insurance Accepted

Because states like Florida, California, New Jersey, Texas, and Arizona have facilities with the best programs, top notch doctors and staff, etc., you will also find that they accept the majority of private health insurance policies. Where other states may limit which policies are used to pay for drug treatment, facilities in one of the above mentioned states may be much more likely to accept your insurance than one in your own state.

If you are looking to enter drug rehab out of state, check out the drug treatment facilities in these states for the best options in quality care for your recovery.

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