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Is There Rehab for Gambling Addiction?

There are many different types of addictions, gambling being one of them. You are definitely not alone if a gambling addiction is something you or someone you love is currently dealing with. If you are in this situation, you are probably wondering “Is there rehab for gambling addiction?” We are happy to say that yes, there are rehab with addiction treatment programs for gambling. There are plenty of the nation’s best rehab centers that treat gambling in much the same as they would any other addiction such as drugs or alcohol. Compulsive gambling, as defined by addiction specialists, is if someone has a preoccupation with the act of gambling while on a normal day to day basis. A person who needs rehab for gambling addiction is someone who has gotten to the point where he or she can hardly think of anything else besides the next opportunity to make a bet. This behaviour is considered habitual and has a lot of the same characteristics as other addictions such as being dishonest to others about what is really going on and the lack of self control to stop gambling.

Addiction to gambling sometimes begins when a person has a lot of losses. The person may feel as though they have to keep making more and more bets because they need to win their money back. This pattern leads to severe desperation and of course, it also usually leads to other types of losses – maybe relationships and even a job. A gambling addiction is no picnic – and can be very dangerous. Research shows that people who do have a gambling addiction are very prone to having suicidal thoughts.

What is Rehab for Gambling Addiction Like?

Rehab for gambling addiction will vary depending on which treatment center you go to, just like any drug or alcohol rehab and programs will vary. The basics include individual counseling, 12 meetings in the Gamblers Anonymous (GA) program, counseling for financial issues, and group therapy as well as family therapy if needed. Rehab for gambling addiction is often done in a residential program with the person staying on site for at least thirty day. This is so the gambling can be stopped immediately and prevents the person from just going out and gambling during treatment. The type of support provided during the treatment program is super important. It is essential to have experienced addiction specialists and a supportive group of friends and family.

Going to rehab for gambling is not something one should be afraid of or be ashamed about. An intervention may be necessary to get the person to agree to treatment however, because it can be a much needed wake up call. The sooner the addict gets into treatment, the better.

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