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How Do I Choose the Right Sober Living in Delray Beach?

Choosing a sober living house in Delray Beach – or anywhere for that matter – is a big decision and you will want to think about two major aspects – the sober living home’s ability to help you continue sobriety and encourage your recovery efforts and the lifestyle it offers to its residents. Additionally, you need to make sure that your needs will be fully met as you transition into the aftercare part of your treatment. When you choose sober living with personal attention, comfortable living arrangements, and a supportive environment, you can fully maximize the time spent there to set yourself up for success in life after you have moved on.

Choosing a Sober Living in Delray Beach, Fl

Here are a handful of helpful tips you can use as you go about selecting a sober living home that will meet your needs and maximize your stay:

Find out the Mindset

Sometimes an issue that arises with sober living houses is that they may have a mindset that addiction can not be cured or fully overcome. However, what you will find is that a lot of these same sober living homes have strict a zero-tolerance policy for relapse by its residents. What a precarious situation to be in! You could find yourself in a place that fosters a self-defeating mindset that you are your addiction while demanding that your recovery be perfect. Select a sober living home that knows your addiction is not your identity and that believes addiction can be ultimately overcome.


When you are recovering from an addiction, you have to take care of not only the physical aspects of your situation but also the psychological or emotional issues which turned you to drugs and alcohol in the first place. If you end up in a sober living home that has a cold environment, little to no amenities and ridiculous rules that are unnecessary – you may find your living arrangement to be a distraction to your recovery. Delray Beach is in a beautiful, tropical setting with many sober living homes to choose from so you should certainly take your time and seek out one that will be comfortable for you and which ultimately enables you to focus on your recovery.


Of course you will want to also consider cost as a factor to choosing your sober living home. Your budget will dictate which place you will choose in the end. There are some sober living homes in Delray Beach that do come with a high cost due to the location and amenities, there are others that are more affordable that are just as safe and comfortable albeit with a lesser level of luxury. Be sure to look at the guest/staff ratio, as it could be an indicator of the kind of personal attention you will receive when you need it most. Overcrowding is never a good thing in a sober living home – no matter nice the place may appear.

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