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How can I find a sober house in NYC?

Choosing a good sober house in NYC – or anywhere for that matter – is a big decision and you need to consider a few important things: 1.) the sober house’s methods of helping you stay sober & encourage your recovery efforts and 2.) the kind of living arrangements the sober house provides for its residents. You need to be sure that all of your needs will be attended to once you have left the rehab facility and transition into a sober living home. If you choose a good sober house in NYC, one that has a staff who cares and provides personal attention, good safe living conditions, and other residents in the house who are dedicated to their recovery to ultimately create a supportive environment, then you can be sure you will be able to be clear about staying sober and getting your life back together.

Choosing the Perfect Sober House in NYC

Here are a few items you can think about while deciding on a sober house in NYC:

Find a Supportive Sober House

In some sober houses in NYC, the environment is not as supportive as it really should be. They might even imply that a person’s addiction can not be overcome and treat their residents in not such a nice way. Many sober houses policies have no tolerance for relapse – but people are human and it doesn’t mean they can not be successful in sobriety. The reality is, this is a very difficult time for an addict in recovery – and in some cases, relapse is a part of a person’s recovery. One’s recovery doesn’t always go as smoothly as one would hope, and there should be help from people who care and of course, even forgiveness. It’s important to live in a sober house in NYC that doesn’t demand perfection and has staff members who actually care about its residents.

Living Arrangements

As an addict in recovery, you must to take care of yourself. There are clear physical and psychological/emotional issues you’ll be working on. Some of these things might have caused you to end up abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Without really understanding how you will be living at the sober house in NYC which you choose, you may end up living in one which has the wrong environment for your needs, less amenities than you’d expected and possibly even some difficult rules to abide by. In this case, you can’t be truly comfortable and like where you live. Your sober living home really even could end up being a real distraction to your recovery efforts.


Of course, you have to think about the monthly amount you can afford to pay for a sober house in NYC. Your budget should be considered when it comes to your living arrangements. If you can’t afford where you live, then don’t live there! Find a sober living home in NYC that has good living arrangements and that you can afford.

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