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Heroin Basics (and the Treatment of Heroin)

Heroin is rapidly becoming the drug of choice for many addicts. It is a highly addictive synthetic drug that is similar to prescription pain medication, mutually belonging to the opiate family. When purchased on the streets however, heroin is the cheaper of the two and for this reason you will find both adolescents and adults turning to heroin after becoming addicted to pain pills.

Heroin can be smoked, inhaled through the nostrils, or injected. All of these methods are addictive but injecting the drug is more dangerous and ultimately more deadly. Signs of heroin abuse can include holes or ‘track marks’ in the user’s arms or other areas of the body which have a main vein. You may also notice decreased appetite, depression, or the habit of nodding (falling asleep quickly at inopportune moments).

If you or someone you love is using heroin, it is imperative that you search for help immediately. Drug addiction treatment facilities can provide the assistance that you will need to conquer an addiction to heroin. Rehabilitation can be a long, difficult, and challenging ordeal. Your chances for success are greatest when you receive treatment from a professional medical staff.

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Our articles are written by individuals who have seen addiction up close. They may have watched addiction take a toll on someone they loved or had their own battles with substances, and they write for us to spare others some of that pain and confusion. If you find these writings useful and would like to speak to someone who gets addiction, call us at (844) 826-1700.

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