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Can You Overdose on Monster Energy Drink?

Energy Drink Overdose

The first energy drink in the United States was called Dr. Enuf. It was created by a man named William Mark Swartz, in 1949. This may come as a big surprise to those who think that energy drinks are a new trend. In the UK, energy drinks go even further back. The first British energy drink, Lucozade Energy, came out in 1929 and was marketed to hospitals as a recovery aide.

Since then, there has been a substantial dispute over the potential risks of energy drinks. Caffeine overdose is the most common worry, which can cause heart palpitations, insomnia, nausea, shaking, and even, in extreme cases, cardiac arrest. Some studies have also linked high doses of caffeine, like those found in energy drinks, to things like miscarriages, and decreased cognition and reaction time. There have even been occasional reports of deaths related to caffeine overdose and caffeine poisoning by young people over-ingesting canned energy drinks, or energy powders and shots.

Besides these potential outcomes from the caffeine content of energy drinks, there is also the issue of the sugar content. Just an eight ounce serving of one of the popular energy drinks contains an average of twenty-seven grams of sugar, which is about a fifth of a cup. This wouldn’t be too unhealthy, if anyone ever drank just eight ounces of an energy drink. Since the cans reach sizes up to twenty-four ounces, and they’re not resealable so most people drink them in one sitting, this presents a huge sugar problem.

Despite these claims, energy drinks grew to a 3 billion dollar industry in 2005, and by 2010 it was closer to the $10 billion range. In 2012, total United States sales for the energy drinks and shots market was worth more than $12.5 billion. Perhaps more concerning than the profit margin is the fact that almost seventy percent of it comes from young people, aged thirteen to thirty-five. You wouldn’t think that such young consumers would feel the need for such a dramatic energy boost. Keep in mind that a single energy drink contains more caffeine than three cups of coffee.

Energy drinks, in moderation, may not be the end of the world. However, it’s a good idea to keep track of the way you feel when you drink one, and decide if what you’re getting out of it is worth the risks you may be taking.

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