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Can I Overdose on Weed?

Weed is a very commonly used recreational drug – not just in the United States but all over the world. Weed is both eaten and smoked by those who use it and the effects usually last for several hours but can vary based on the potency. Many people who use marijuana want to know if overdose on weed can actually happen. Contrary to popular belief – the answer is yes. Weed overdose happens if an individual smokes or eats too much of the drug. A weed overdoes may result in symptoms such as paranoia or fear, vomiting or nausea, disorientation and sometimes hallucinations along with a rapid heartbeat. Overdosing on weed is not fatal, but the symptoms are certainly very unpleasant for the person experiencing them.

Signs of Weed Overdose

If you are looking for signs that someone may have overdosed on weed, you should look for dilated pupils or unresponsiveness. When a weed overdose is particularly severe, the person may experience a panic attack that is accompanied by trouble breathing and feelings of intense paranoia. For those who have experienced an overdose on weed, they may notice that the effects of the drug last longer than usual – sometimes into the next day. They may experience feelings similar to an alcohol hangover as well.

Overdose on weed is actually more likely to happen with hashish, the concentrated form of the THC. Hashish is known to produce psychedelic effects and can cause accidental overdose if too much of the drug is eaten.

Seeking Treatment for Weed Overdose

It may be necessary to get medical attention if you experience a weed overdose, especially if you know or suspect that it was combined with other drugs. If weed is laced with or combined with certain other drugs, the effects of it can be magnified and be potentially dangerous to the user.

It may seem strange to seek treatment for drug addiction when the drug of choice is weed – but it can be a dangerous addiction nonetheless. Continuous use of marijuana can lead to further drug use or other problems in life such as ruined relationships, job loss, financial problems and the inability to deal with normal emotions. If you are addicted to weed or know someone that is and it is to the point where it is affecting normal activities, seeking treatment may be the best option.

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