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5 Tips You Should Follow When Doing An Intervention For An Addicted Family Member

How a friend can help with an intervention for drug and alcohol addiction

When a family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may be time to do an intervention. An intervention can help them get on the right path and seek the treatment that they need to overcome their addiction. There are 5 tips that a family should utilize when doing an intervention for a loved one.

1. Only Involve People That Are Close To The Situation
The family member that you are doing an intervention for may only feel comfortable talking with those that are close to the situation. By bringing in others that they don’t know they might shut down and refuse to be part of the intervention. You should only bring people into the situation that have experience with the individual and know firsthand what the individual’s actions are doing to those around them.

2. Properly Prepare Ahead Of Time
You don’t want to go into an intervention without properly preparing. To prepare ahead of time you should write down key points that you want to discuss with the individual pertaining to their addiction. You should also meet with others that will be attending the intervention and discuss what you plan on talking about and what your goals are.

3. Come Across In A Loving Manner, Not A Confrontational One
If you start off the intervention by coming across as being angry or confrontational, the individual may quickly become defensive and not want to listen to what any of their family members have to say. Therefore, the actions and words of others should be conveyed in a loving manner. Just remember that the angrier you get, the more the addicted individual may withdrawal from you.

4. Have Rehab Plans Set Up In Advance
The whole purpose of a rehab is to help the addicted individual get treatment. Before the intervention you should have rehab plans set up. You should also make sure that you have made plans to deal with the individual’s other obligations that may keep them from going into rehab such as going to work or caring for their children.

5. Pick A Date, Time And Location That’s Convenient For Everyone
Make sure you set up the intervention when all of the necessary people are able to be present. An intervention may take several hours. Everyone should be prepared to be there awhile and should not have any other plans on that day.

In conclusion, an intervention can be a necessary part of a family member getting help for an addiction if it’s done right. By using the above tips when doing an intervention, you will ensure that the goals of the intervention are carried out. When an intervention is done properly, the affected family member can get the treatment that they need so that they can live their life in a healthy manner.

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