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How Long Does Detox from Oxycodone Take?

If you are going through a detox from Oxycodone, you probably want to know when the suffering will end!!!

Not to fear. Withdrawal symptoms are not fun, but they do not last much more than about a weeks time. But some of those symptoms you will experience may persist for a bit longer, up to several weeks after your initial detox period. Here is some additional information about detox from Oxycodone

Acute Oxycodone Withdrawal

Acute withdrawal from Oxycodone in the detox period often starts within hours of your last dose of Oxycodone. What makes these certain symptoms “acute” is that they are brief in nature, but are very serious in their intensity. And although these withdrawal symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal and detox can scare you, they are expected and normal. Doctors and the healthcare team that manage Oxycodone detox and the associated withdrawal symptoms know what exactly is common, and what exactly is not. You should detox from Oxycodone in a medically supervised detox center or rehab to ensure your safety. As the mind adjusts to life without Oxycodone, it can take from 4-10 days for one’s system to balance itself out and to start feeling back to normal again.

Usually, opioids should not be instantly stopped if a person who is addicted just up and decides to quit. During Oxycodone detox, a qualified healthcare professional will help an addict gradually wean off of the drug OR use a medication such as Suboxone to decrease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal. Then, you usually experience withdrawal symptoms in a more gradual nature, and the Oxycodone will leave the system without too much pain.

As no individual treatment is effective for everyone who wants to stop using Oxycodone, different therapies are required during detox. It may also be that the order and severity in which withdrawal symptoms appear will also vary from person to person.

However, you should know that the main symptoms of withdrawal during detox from Oxycodone include:

hot and cold flushes
muscle cramps

So the bottom line is that detox from Oxycodone will take you about a week and that some symptoms may last awhile longer – depending on the individual as well as the severity of the addiction. You should also know that you CAN get through it and there are many people who want to help. If you are ready to stop using Oxycodone and get into a detox and rehab program, pick up the phone and call someone now.

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