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Can I Self Detox From Oxycodone And Is It Safe?

If you are struggling with addiction to oxycodone, there will come a time when you say enough is enough. You know that addiction is a dead end road. It will steal your money, rob you of your health, and could destroy everything you enjoy in life. Making the choice to stop is an important step in the right direction. However, you have to ask yourself, “Can I self detox from oxycodone and is it safe?” Learn the facts before you take action and be prepared for what is coming.

Choosing to Self Detox from Oxycodone: What to Expect
There are many reasons that you may choose to self detox, from being ashamed to face the world about your source of addiction to not being able to afford a rehabilitation facility. However, you need to understand that it is going to be difficult. Many people who have tried to overcome oxycodone addiction have not been able to get past the first 24 hours before they have to get more of the drug. Oxycodone is an opiate and you can expect the withdrawal symptoms that come with an opiate. They include, sweating, chills, flu-like symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and pain throughout your body. Depending on how high your dose of oxycodone is, you may experience different levels of severity in symptoms. If you simply stop using oxycodone, you can expect to endure symptoms of withdrawal that will peak within the first two days. This is going to be the most difficult period of self detox. From that point, you can expect symptoms to continue up to two weeks. You may experience lingering discomfort which can be addressed through good nutrition, exercise, and support meetings.

Is Self Detox from Oxycodone Safe?
Self detox is safe, but it is difficult. You can try a gradual tapering off of the drug in hopes of making your withdrawal easier. If you are set on going “cold turkey,” you need to realize that you will have a bumpy road ahead that will be worth the results in the end. You should not try to self detox by yourself. Turn to a good friend or loved one and ask for help at this crucial time. When someone is there to pick you up when you fall and help you get through your symptoms, it will be easier to be successful in recovery.

This article is not intended to be medical advice.  You should always contact a doctor first before altering any medication intake.  Additionally, if you are experiencing a medical emergency – don’t delay – Call 911 Immediately.

You can find detox facilities that will assist you with a safe detox from Oxycodone here.

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Our articles are written by individuals who have seen addiction up close. They may have watched addiction take a toll on someone they loved or had their own battles with substances, and they write for us to spare others some of that pain and confusion. If you find these writings useful and would like to speak to someone who gets addiction, call us at (844) 826-1700.

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