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3 Things You Should Know Before You Go To Detox

If you or someone you love is considering going to a detox program, you have taken that giant step forward of admitting you need help. In the battle against addiction, acceptance of the problem is only the beginning. Detoxification comes next, followed by counseling services. It is a process that must be taken one day at a time on the journey to freedom from addiction. While entering a recovery program is a positive step in the right direction, there are three things you should know before you go to detox.

You need to be ready for this.
Detox and the rest of a rehabilitation program is not going to work unless you, or the person you love, is ready to embrace a recovery program with complete commitment. If there are any doubts or the person in question is still in denial, no program can help. No one is going to lock the doors or keep a person from leaving. Patients can walk at any time.

You may need to go to a detox facility first.
Treatment programs vary. Many substance abuse facilities now require clients to go to a detoxification facility first in order to be clean and sober before rehabilitation begins. Learn about all of the details before choosing a program. If you would prefer that everything happens at one place, inquire about different programs in your area and choose the facility that is the best fit for you.

Detox takes five to seven days.
If you’re going to a detoxification facility, or it’s part of your rehab program, prepare yourself or your loved one to know what to expect. It’s going to take five to seven days to clear the toxins out of the body that accumulate due to chronic substance abuse. This is going to be a critical, difficult time in the recovery process. The mind and body will crave that drug. Withdrawal symptoms can make a person truly miserable. Symptoms can include anxiety, lack of sleep, aching all over the body, and chills. It may seem like there is no end in sight. However, with supportive, medical supervision, you or your loved one will make it through this difficult period.

Once detox is over, the true period of recovery begins. With the help of a compassionate staff in a calm setting, freedom from addiction is possible. It takes one step at a time.

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Our articles are written by individuals who have seen addiction up close. They may have watched addiction take a toll on someone they loved or had their own battles with substances, and they write for us to spare others some of that pain and confusion. If you find these writings useful and would like to speak to someone who gets addiction, call us at (844) 826-1700.

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