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What Are The Symptoms of Suboxone Overdose?

Suboxone is a treatment prescription medication which is given to people to help them overcome opiate addictions like heroin or morphine. This medication has naloxone & buprenorphine as part of its ingredients; which for all intents and purposes, is also considered to be an opioid. When Suboxone is used as it is intended, the medication provides a “step down” effect for one to be weaned off of drugs. This medication is often given to those in drug rehabs during their detox period, and sometimes even for longer term substance abuse treatment maintenance to help a person avoid difficult withdrawal symptoms and to sometimes prevent relapse. But as with other opioid types of medications, ingesting more Suboxone than prescribed can have a disastrous result. An overdose can occur on Suboxone and one must exercise extreme caution – it should not be combined with alcohol or any other drugs, as there could be permanent damage to one’s brain functions.

Side Effects of Suboxone Overdose Can Be Dangerous

Going through a Suboxone overdose is dangerous and difficult to reverse. When a Suboxone begins, the most dangerous side effect is respiratory depression which can ultimately result in death. If you or someone you know is going through what you think is an overdose to this medication, you may want to know what are the symptoms of Suboxone overdose. You can tell if the following symptoms are present: fainting, dizziness, confusion, severe weakness, small pupils, cold, clammy skin, convulsions, yellowing eyes, shortness of breath, hallucination, extreme sweating, more than usual sleepiness, or coma. You should contact an emergency medical center or even your local poison control center right away. Suboxone is not always dangerous however, if taken in the correct dosage, the person should not feel any of these bad symptoms.

Being Dependent on Suboxone

Due to the fact that Suboxone is an opioid medication, it can cause one to become dependent on it like any other drug. If you find yourself falling back into the same pattern of addiction, such as going to multiple doctors to extra medication, stealing Suboxone or getting it illegally without a prescription, you need to seek treatment from a drug rehab. Suboxone is not something that should be abused – it is a means to help a person to get off drugs slowly without terrible side effects and to help them stay sober long term.

Research has shown that using Suboxone tends to have more good outcomes than bad ones. This is a type of replacement therapy and it has answered many prayers of people who are addicted to opiates. Suboxone needs to be used exactly as directed, at the proper time and in the specified dosage for it to work how it is intended.

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