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How to Avoid Suboxone Withdrawals

Suboxone is a medication which is used to treat opiate addiction such as those who are heroin users. Unfortunately, while it does help drug addicts to stop using illegal drugs, it too can cause drug dependence if not taken properly. What this means to an addict is that if you discontinue using Suboxone too quickly, it is highly likely that withdrawal symptoms could just like from any other opiate. Suboxone is not a medication that should be used occasionally or as one feels it is needed in order to not use the original drug of choice. It is super important to not stop using Suboxone unless you have first discussed how to do so with your physician. Your doctor will need to gradually decrease the dose of the Suboxone in order to minimize or altogether avoid withdrawal symptoms.

If it comes down to an emergency situation and you end up in medical clinic or something more serious, you will need to instruct your family members (if you can’t tell them yourself) to tell the facility staff that you are prescribed Suboxone and that you are doing so for addiction to opioids. This can help them come up with a treatment plan to help you a lot faster than if they have no idea what is going on.

What are Withdrawals from Suboxone Like?

Just like other opiates, the withdrawals are very unpleasant. They may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. Some patients may even feel physical pain. It seems as if the key to avoid the withdrawals is to follow your doctor’s plan exactly, not take too much and then suddenly stop taking it without your doctor’s supervision.

Medications like Suboxone or methadone are solely intended to keep drug addicts who are addicted to opiates from using illegal drugs while trying to get off of opioids completely in the long run. They aren’t to really be used as a substitute for getting high, they simply help addicts feel well and avoid withdrawal symptoms from other drugs as they try to get clean.

Avoiding Suboxone Withdrawals

Because Suboxone is a replacement therapy that can be used to detox and for a maintenance program, going cold turkey when you “think” you are feeling better is not recommended. In some cases it can cause addiction, although not as severe as addiction to harder drugs. Your best bet is to take it once a day as prescribed at the same time everyday and then wean off of it at your doctor’s recommendation.

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