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How Much OxyContin Do I Have to Use to Become Addicted?

OxyContin is an opioid that contains high doses of oxycodone for long-lasting pain. It can provide pain relief for up to twelve hours, so it is often prescribed to patients who have problems with very bad or chronic pain such as those with cancer. An addiction may happen without even realizing it, and having all of the knowledge you need about OxyContin is your best defense when taking this drug for pain relief. Not everyone who takes OxyContin becomes addicted, but it is a highly addictive substance that if taken incorrectly, or even carelessly, can result in physical dependence.

How much OxyContin before addiction sets in?

When those who are prescribed OxyContin take the medication as directed, just enough to control their pain, it is not considered an addiction. An addiction to OxyContin is associated with compulsive and repeated use of the drug despite any consequences that may happen as a result of use. Abuse happens when more than needed is taken with the intent of getting high, and this tendency to go for the high is what leads to addiction. If the drug is not taken according to the physician’s directions, chances are the drug is being abused and an addiction has developed. The short answer to how much OxyContin it takes to become addicted is that it varies greatly for each individual. But if you find yourself venturing into the area of tolerance – where you need more of the drug to achieve a smaller effect – you are dangerously close to addiction.

Withdrawal from OxyContin may include symptoms such as fatigue, uncontrollable coughing, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, hot or cold sweats, depression, body aches, and others. These symptoms are a sure sign addiction is in the picture. The symptoms can start within just a few hours of the drug leaving the system, which is often why a person will take it over and over again rather than go through the discomfort of stopping.

For those addicted to OxyContin, professional detox and treatment is usually necessary at a drug rehab facility. The detox period will come with withdrawal symptoms that are best monitored by facility staff members who are experienced in dealing with detox specifically from oxycodone in order to make the situation as comfortable as possible. Detox should be immediately followed by treatment which may vary in terms of length of time per individual depending on the severity of the addiction and type of treatment program. If you think that you or someone you care about is addicted to OxyContin, there are many choices in treatment centers that can help. Contact an addiction specialist now to find out how to break the addiction to OxyContin.

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