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How Krokodil is Killing Drug Addicts

From alcohol to cigarettes, prescription pills, and illegal drugs, there is always going to be a source of temptation that will lead unfortunate victims astray. Once addiction takes hold, it can mean an end to everything that matters, from jobs to families and life itself. In the present day, Krokodil is a drug of choice that has alarming results. See how krokodil is killing drug addicts and steer clear.

How Krokodil is Killing Drug Addicts: Another Form of Poison
Krokodil, also known as Desomorphine, is one of the latest drugs to hit the scene and it’s dramatic effects are making headlines. It’s an extremely powerful sedative and pain reliever that acts very quickly and has nearly immediate results. This drug, starting a popular run in Russia, has spread to the US and is considered to be similar to heroin. It has been referred to as the flesh-eating drug based on its most troubling side effects. In many cases, users do not even realize they are taking hits of krokodil as they illegally obtain drugs to inject into their bodies for a quick fix. Many have been falsely led to believe that they are using heroin. While heroin is no walk in the park either, krokodil is frightening.

The Flesh Eating Drug Takes People Unaware
The street version of krokodil is a dangerous concoction that contains a blend of paint thinner, gasoline, codeine, and alcohol. There are absolutely no controls on the ingredients in this drug. It’s obvious that injecting such substances can lead to death, especially when victims overdose. However, the greater concern is the fact that krokodil actually causes horrific skin conditions, such as gangrene, scales that can compare to a reptile, and abscesses. The flesh is actually eaten away due to the damaging effects of this deadly cocktail.

Life Expectancy May Be No More Than Three Years
For those who fall prey to krokodil on a regular basis, they are taking their lives in their hands and cutting it short. Three years for life expectancy is actually stretching their prospects. If they don’t take a hit that kills them instantly due to the toxic combination, they are likely to die as the flesh is consumed on their bodies. Many victims have actually had their muscles and bones exposed due to krokodil use and severe bouts of infection are common. Death can result.

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