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Does Detox from Heroin Hurt?

Just like other addictive drugs, Heroin has a complicated detoxification process. This process, also known as withdrawal, affects a person in every way, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. The severity of symptoms endured depends on several different factors, including the length and frequency of use, route of administration, and dosage. Everyone turns to drugs for different reasons. Pinpointing those reasons is very important in the recovery process. Following are some physical and emotional symptoms to expect during the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal usually starts between six to 24 hours after last use, and can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, with some effects lasting up to years later. Some earlier symptoms of withdrawal include profuse sweating, hot and cold flashes, anxiety and extreme muscle aches. There are also many other symptoms, including but not limited to: Cramps, Restless Legs Syndrome, diarrhea, panic attacks, severe insomnia (which then results in severe fatigue due to sleep deprivation), depression, paranoia, feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, etc. The worst of the physical symptoms usually subside almost completely after the first week or two. After this initial withdrawal phase is over, most recovering addicts go through a phase called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms). PAWS is generally not as severe as initial withdrawal, but can manifest some of the same symptoms for extended periods of time, including severe long term insomnia, depression and anxiety to name a few.

Treatment of Heroin and other opioid addictions takes a lot of hard work physically and mentally. Anyone currently detoxing or considering detoxing from a drug like Heroin shouldn’t do it alone. Regardless of whether or not you go to rehab, it’s important to have a network of people to rely on during this difficult process. Online support groups or talking with family, friends, or other trusted individuals is a good way to get through the process on your own without feeling alone. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you can reach out to a heroin detox hotline or seek advise on symptom treatment by contacting your local hospital. Heroin addiction should not be taken lightly. Taking steps to get clean and better your life are courageous ones that should be taken with pride. Remind yourself why you’re getting clean and think about that the next time you get the urge to use.

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