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Why Should I Go To a Sober Living Facility After Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Sober living facilities have given individuals in recovery a place to call home while they work towards getting their lives back together. A sober living home can vary as much as the very different communities where they can be found, all over the nation. The goal of a sober living facility is to help recovering addicts transition to a sober life and to help them succeed in their sobriety with a supportive structure. Sober living facilities make a commitment to help individuals who’ve completed treatment from drug and alcohol addiction treatment successfully. Instead of going directly back home after drug treatment, sober living homes offer residents a stable home where recovering addicts are able to build on what they learned in treatment and learn to live a sober life in the real world. Recovering addicts practice coping skills, make new sober friends, and get support from on-site staff. Adjusting to sobriety is much easier with this type of transition.

Why might I need a sober living facility?

When recovering from a strong addiction, the more time you can spend developing sober habits, the more likely your recovery is to stick. If your insurance only covers 30 days of inpatient rehab, you may have no choice but to leave the rehab before your recovery has solidified. In this case, sober living provides a midway solution that is much more cost-friendly. You are able to go to work while at sober living and pay rent as if you are on your own. And yet, the facility provides you with much more support than you would have on your own.

It is not unusual for patients who have successfully finished a stint at drug or alcohol rehab do require a safe place to live afterwards. A sober living facility offers a melting pot of individuals who are all in recovery and can share that understanding. Few sober living homes allow males and females to live together; most are gender specific for either men or women only. It’s an environment that allows for focus on recovery and tries to minimize any situations that could trigger cravings.

Sober living facilities are non-threatening and safe; they provide staff for support, both emotional and psychological; they provide accountability in the form of much needed structure and rules, plus a code to live by and peers to support that code.

The residents live alongside many others who are dealing with the same problems and are trying to overcome the same obstacles. This gives those who choose to live there a form of camaraderie among newly sober friends who can relate. The importance of these relationships cannot be overestimated. Compare all this to the person’s home environment, where friends or family may still be drinking or getting high. Relationships with others who are committed to recovery can help strengthen the individual.

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