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What Should I Bring (or Not Bring) To Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Before heading to drug or alcohol treatment, you are probably wondering what you should or should not bring with you. Being gone from your home for an extended period of time can be scary, but having a few things from home with make your stay a lot more comfortable and familiar. You will be a bit restricted on what you can take with you, as you have probably figured out, but with a few general guidelines you will know what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Here is a general list of what to bring:

• Mix & match wash and wear clothing for about a week. Drug rehabs do provide laundry facilities.
• Bring one to two dressy outfits for nights like family night.
• Clothing for exercise and a bathing suit – one piece only for women. Also exercise shoes, a towel for the pool and maybe even a small towel for the gym.
• Definitely bring comfortable shoes. This includes sneakers, sandals or flip flops for warm weather or warmer shoes and slippers if it is fall or winter.
• Bring appropriate pajamas and a robe.
• Bring a sweaters or light jacket.
• If it’s summer, bring some walking shorts, t-shirts a hat or visor and sunscreen.
• (All clothing is required to cover the midriff completely).
• Pack your toiletries including shaving supplies, toothpaste, a toothbrush, hair brush and hair products like a hair dryer or curling iron, and also body wash or soap and lotion.
• You can bring Pre-Paid Calling Cards for making phone calls.
• You can bring any prescription medication as well as money for co-pays for refills.
• It is imperative to bring your health insurance card if you have one and your driver’s license.
• If you are a smoker, you will want to bring enough cigarettes for 30 days. Your rehab will not purchase cigarettes for you under any circumstances. Chewing tobacco is not allowed. You may use Nicorette gum and nicotine patches if you choose.
• You can bring sunglasses, but they are allowed for outdoor use only.
• Bring an alarm clock.
• It is a good idea to bring a small back of essentials for a 24 hour period, as you may not get your bags immediately upon check in.

What Not to Bring
Outside food or drinks are not allowed – this includes any bottled water, candy, gum, or snacks. Most drug rehabs have a policy that is mostly sugar and caffeine free.
There are no cell phones allowed, including pagers and computers, ipods, computers, pda’s, or any music equipment. TV’s, DVD players, and radios or clock radios, MP3 players, etc are also not allowed in most drug rehabs.
Access to faxes, e-mail, and internet is also very limited with case manager approval.
Secular magazines or books are not allowed, only reading material that is recovery-based or spiritual is permitted.
Do not bring any exercise equipment.
No products containing alcohol is permitted including hairspray and mouthwash.
No cigars, flavored cigarettes, cloves, pipes, or hand rolled cigarettes are allowed either and any candles or incense is banned.
It is not recommended to bring any expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash.
Do not bring tanning products whether it is tanning oil or self tanning products. Hair dye and bleaching products are also prohibited.
No vitamins, sleeping aids, herbal supplements, or body building/weight gain/weight loss supplements will be permitted either.

If you wish to take a multivitamin, it will be provided at your drug rehab facility.

Each treatment facility varies when it comes to the rules so you may want to check directly with the treatment center where you are going, but you should be set with the list we have provided here.

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