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How Long Does Detox From Alcohol In Delray Beach Take?

When you check into detox from alcohol in Delray Beach, you could be there anywhere from three days to two weeks. How long you spend there depends on a variety of factors. While you do not know exactly how long your duration will be when you enter the facility, there are some factors that you can gauge before you go in.

The first and most obvious factor that determines how long you will be in detox is how much alcohol is in your system. If you have a lot of alcohol in your system, it will certainly take longer. For example, if you check in with alcohol still in your system, it will take longer for it to get out than if you went one or two days clean.

The next thing to consider is your body’s unique metabolism and how long you have been addicted to alcohol. If you have been drinking for years or decades, it is going to take longer for your body to get used to not having alcohol in its system. If you went on a binge for a couple weeks or months, you may be able to bounce back more quickly. Also, your body may just be prone to bouncing back more quickly. You can gauge this by figuring out how long your withdrawals have lasted in the past. That is a good indicator of how long they will last in the future and how they are progressing.

You also need to consider what other drugs may be in your system. Many people who go into a detox facility also have other substances in their system that they need to flush out as well. It is vital that you tell the people in charge of your care so that they can address those as well. If you have other drugs in your system, your stay may be a little longer than that of someone who only has one substance.

Finally, you may be staying longer if there is more that you want to get out of the facility than just detox. When you go into detox, you may decide that some other sort of treatment is necessary in addition to just getting the alcohol out of your system. While you are in the facility, you can learn about what other resources are available to you. This may mean staying an extra day or two to get evaluated for your next step.

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