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How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Usually Last?

One of the main questions people ask about going into alcohol treatment is how long does alcohol rehab usually last. This is a valid question, because obviously there is some planning that needs to be done when you or your loved one goes into addiction treatment. If there is a job or family obligations, these things must be dealt with prior to entering treatment so that once the treatment is completed, there is not a mess to come home to. What people should know is that alcohol rehab does have an average length of stay, however, an addiction treatment plan is very individualized so that some people do actually stay longer than others.

An average length of stay at an alcohol rehab is about twenty-eight days or a month. This is after the detox period, which may be about a week. A month long alcohol rehab program is generally enough to apply some tried and true treatment methods, provide some counseling, education and start the person on the road to recovery. Alcohol rehab is by no means the end of the road, however. It is just one of the many steps one has to take in order to get sober.

If you plan on going to alcohol rehab or are helping to make plans for a family member or loved one, you should know that one month may not be long enough. This is all dependant on the person’s addiction – how long and how much they have been consuming as well as what is recommended by the addiction physicians at the treatment center. If a person’s addiction is very severe and has been going on for a very long time, alcohol rehab may need to be for several months to be effective. This is not a bad thing – it just means that the person may need a bit of extra assistance to have a successful treatment to ensure a lasting recovery.

It is not uncommon for someone to be in alcohol rehab for ninety or more days. Even afterwards, sober living arrangements should be considered so that the person still has some accountability and rules to live by as they experienced in alcohol rehab. This can often make for a much smoother transition into the “real world” after the time spent in an alcohol rehab.  Sober living homes and halfway houses can be found in every state and can even sometimes be covered under insurance.
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