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  • 10 Signs Your Child is Using Drugs

    Knowing the signs your child is using drugs is one way to gain the insight you need to make positive changes in your household. When you are the parent [...]

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  • Oxycodone Withdrawal Remedies

    While withdrawals from the opioid oxycodone are generally not life-threatening, they can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant to deal with. Although some individuals are able to successfully detox from [...]

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  • Can You Overdose On Xanax?

    Xanax, or alprazolam, is a sedative in the class of medications known as benzodiazepines. It is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, especially panic disorder. It is not impossible to [...]

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  • Will Tricare Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

    People can abuse a number of different substances including tobacco, alcohol, and drugs all of which can lead to intoxication that can impair perception, control, and judgment. When an [...]

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  • How Much OxyContin Do I Have to Use to Become Addicted?

    OxyContin is an opioid that contains high doses of oxycodone for long-lasting pain. It can provide pain relief for up to twelve hours, so it is often prescribed to [...]

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  • Dangerous Myths About Alcoholism

    At any given rehab center, mixed among the stereotypical cadre of drug addicts, there is probably a large population of alcoholics. Poorly portrayed in films and TV, alcoholism is often seen as a failure of personal character rather than a [...]

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