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  • How Much Does Outpatient Drug Treatment Cost?

    While you shouldn’t really be trying to put a price on addiction recovery, that’s easier said than done. The fact of the matter is that drug treatment costs money; [...]

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  • How Long is Alcohol Detox?

    Do you experience hand tremors, irritability, and an escalating craving for alcohol when you abstain from drinking? You may be experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The level of withdrawal symptoms usually [...]

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  • How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

    When an alcoholic goes into a rehabilitation or treatment center, it’s important to realize that detoxification will just be the beginning of a longer process. The detox process entails [...]

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  • Can You Be Addicted to Marijuana?

    The addictive potential of marijuana has long been debated, and the answer to the question is a complicated one, without a single straightforward or clear-cut solution. Marijuana is Less Addictive Than [...]

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  • What Can I Do for Pain Management If I am Addicted?

    There are many patients with a past injury, cancer, or surgeries that now suffer with an addiction to prescription pain killers. They are not what most people think of [...]

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  • Does Medicare Cover Addiction Treatment?

    There is frequently some question about what Medicare does and does not cover. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether substance abuse treatment services, such as inpatient [...]

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