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How Does Going To a Drug Rehab Facility Help with My DUI Case?

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  • How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

    Alcohol withdrawal is an event that occurs when an individual with a severe dependency to alcohol quits drinking. Physical withdrawals occur because long-term dependency has caused a neuro-adaptation in the brain. [...]

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  • Dangerous Myths About Alcoholism

    At any given rehab center, mixed among the stereotypical cadre of drug addicts, there is probably a large population of alcoholics. Poorly portrayed in films and TV, alcoholism is often seen as a failure of personal character rather than a [...]

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  • Will Tricare Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

    People can abuse a number of different substances including tobacco, alcohol, and drugs all of which can lead to intoxication that can impair perception, control, and judgment. When an [...]

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  • Overdose on Painkillers Is Easier Than You Think

    When many people think of overdoses, they typically think of drugs illegal drugs with highly-publicized negative associations — cocaine, heroin, meth. But the prevalence and appeal of painkillers like Vicodin [...]

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  • 5 Tips for Finding Drug Rehab with No Insurance

    Finding drug rehab with no insurance is a lot trickier than it is if you DO have insurance. Fortunately, it can be done with some effort. The reality is [...]

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  • Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

    Family members of addicts can be completely blindsided by their loved one’s substance abuse, but more frequently the downward slide into abuse and addiction has telltale signs. In spite of [...]

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